Smart home devices on the Gold Coast

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Smart Home Devices

Making Your Home Smarter

EGen Electrical offers smart home technology installation through the Zigbee-based protocol. Our smart home installations extend to more than 50 Gold Coast suburbs. Our team has the knowledge and experience needed to properly install your Zigbee home automation system in a manner that is easy for the homeowner to control.
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About our Smart Homes

Zigbee is a home automation system that connects short-range wireless communication and low power home devices. The goal is to give the homeowner more control over their devices and to reduce power consumption.
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Complete Home Automation

Our smart home installations support a range of devices including, door locks, switches, smoke detectors, various forms of lighting, ceiling fans, home appliances and much more. Our installation process allows us to customise the home automation the way you desire.
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Low Power Consumption

The Zigbee smart home hub can reduce power consumption through technological advancements in the way power is supplied. Most connected devices typically operate for several years on a single battery.
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Low Implementation Cost

Zigbee makes creating your smart home easy and affordable. Our team can ensure your smart home is properly connected. Also, we personalise each installation to ensure the devices are connected the way you need them.

Why Choose Us

The Zigbee products make smart homes easy for the user to control, and they are a cost-effective way to make life at home more convenient. Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to install the Zigbee smart home system effectively.
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